Morning Workshops

Morning Workshops
11:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
Please choose one of the following four sessions

Feeling Anxious? Strategies for Managing Anxiety
Anxiety is a common reaction to cancer. This interactive session will discuss the relationship between thoughts, behaviors, and anxiety and will teach strategies for managing anxiety during cancer. Facilitated by Kelly Trevino, PhD (Dana-Farber)

Sex After Cancer: A Frank Discussion About Getting Your Groove Back
This session will focus on helpful strategies for dealing with common sexual problems after cancer. Session is will address issues for both men and women. Facilitated by Sharon L. Bober, PhD (Dana-Farber/Harvard Medical School)

Multi-Family Caregiver Discussion
This interactive discussion group offers caregivers, joined by a few young adult experts who have coped with cancer, the opportunity to ask and answer questions aimed at illuminating a variety of care-giving styles and struggles. *This group is open to family and friends of young adults diagnosed with cancer. Facilitated by Karen Fasciano, PsyD & Bruce MacDonald, LICSW (Dana-Farber)

The Heart of a Song
Most of us use music as a way to cope and alter our moods on a daily basis, often without even consciously knowing that we’re doing so. This session will explore how we use songs to understand and express ourselves.

This workshop will involve sharing songs that you relate to as well as hearing about others’ song preferences. We will compile a playlist of useful songs, and you’ll walk away with a CD of music thoughtfully chosen to cater to your personal everyday moods and life experiences. This workshop is for anyone, whether you’re an advanced or beginning musician or an avid music listener. Facilitated by Brain Jantz, MT-BC & Alexandra Wilkins, Music Therapy Intern (Dana-Farber & Leonard P. Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies)

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